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14th Annual NACCTEP Conference

The National Association of Community College Teacher Education Programs (NACCTEP) is proud to announce the 14th annual national conference hosted in the beautiful city of Chicago!

This year's event is titled The Sky’s the Limit with Community College Teacher Education Programs and will take place March 18-20, 2016. It will be a premier event designed for professionals of all levels dedicated to improving their teacher and early childhood education programs.

At the 2016 conference you will discover new approaches, connect with experts, discuss critical issues, access the most innovative community college educational programs from across the nation, and attend sessions that are directly applicable to your program.

Join Us in Chicago

Join us in Chicago for The Sky’s the Limit with Community College Teacher Education Programs and inspire your students! Take advantage of each and every opportunity to learn a new fact, practice a new skill, network with a new-found colleague, and return to your institutions refreshed and renewed. Become a leader and turn your program in a premier educator preparation program.

Highlights will include:

  • Friday forum sessions included with your registration
  • Engaging keynote speakers discussing current issues facing community college teacher education programs
  • Social networking opportunities
  • Over 40 breakout sessions
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Opportunities to network & develop professional communities
  • Professional development
  • Meeting pre-service candidates

Innovations Conference 2016

conference logo

The NACCTEP annual national conference is held in partnership with and prior to the Innovations 2016 Conference. With limited travel funds, you can take advantage of two conferences in one great location.

Talent Release

Please note: By attending the conference, participants have agreed to the terms of the NACCTEP/MCCCD Talent Release Form, which allows images, audio, and video recorded on-site to be used for educational and promotional purposes. Please contact NACCTEP with questions.

The Benefits of Community Colleges for Teachers

Community colleges play an essential role in the preparation and professional development of teachers. The diversity of our program offerings and modules provide the perfect format to collaborate with other colleges and universities as well as our established K-12 partners.

We must work to collectively elevate our presence and importance in the world of teacher education training. Move past the boundaries and take your program sky-high.

Community colleges are accessible and affordable, with diverse student bodies that represent local populations. We have the capacity to help meet the growing need for quality teachers and increase the diversity of the teaching force. Network with partners to move your students through the pipeline.