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Community colleges play an essential and growing role in the preparation and professional development of teachers. In many states a majority of students who are preparing to become teachers begin their college careers at community colleges. Studies have shown more than 50 percent of teachers attended a community college for at least part of their education. Accessible and affordable, with diverse student bodies that represent local populations, and established relationships with school districts and universities, community colleges are uniquely positioned to attract, prepare, and support teacher candidates.

In addition to offering the first two years of course requirements for a baccalaureate degree, community colleges offer coordinated programs for transfer; associate, post-baccalaureate, and baccalaureate degree programs; ongoing professional development opportunities for current educators; and comprehensive support services, all of which have increased student access to and completion of teacher preparation programs. Community colleges have the capacity not only to help meet the growing need for quality teachers, but also to increase the diversity of the teaching force.

The National Association of Community College Teacher Education Programs (NACCTEP) is an organization of:

  • Community colleges;
  • Administrators, faculty, staff, and students involved in teacher education programs;
  • Universities with teacher education programs; and
  • Industry partners and professional associations that work as partners with community college teacher education programs.

NACCTEP serves as a voice for community colleges in national discussions about teacher education; supports institutions and individual members by enhancing current community college teacher education programs and serving as a resource for those looking to develop new programs; and facilitates connections between community college teacher education programs and faculty.
The National Association of Community College Teacher Education Programs (NACCTEP) mission is to advocate and promote the value of community college teacher education programs by fostering an innovative diversified workforce through encouraging partnerships, effective best practices, and scholarly research.


  • Partnership: Collaborating with stakeholders to carry out our mission.
  • Diversity and Equity: Promoting diversity in the profession representing the wide spectrum of children future educators will serve.
  • Innovation: Enhancing the profession through effective and dynamic best practices.

To continuously promote the community colleges role in teacher education.

Board Expectations: To be actively engaged and promote the mission and goals of NACCTEP: including, but not limited to, commitment, outreach, professionalism and currency, leadership and collegiality

  • Share the community college story
  • Set the Board’s direction to meet the 21st Century goals
  • Prioritize grant funding needs for the Association

Governance: Transformational servant leadership to provide and strengthen active support, voice, and advocacy for quality community college teacher education programs

  • Advocate and articulate the role of the community college
  • Refine NACCTEP’s mission statement to align with the American Association of Community Colleges’ 21st Century Education
  • Create a clearinghouse of public and private investments that best serve our membership

Sustainability: Maintain NACCTEP as a healthy and viable organization

  • Review and promote best practices
  • Support and suggest digital age classroom technologies that support student achievement
  • Apply for grants that benefit the membership
conclave photo
Front Row (left to right): Danielle Denton, Christina Harrod & Ashley Simpson
Second Row (left to right): Linda Gronberg-Quinn, Rod Lucero, Kimberly Tobey, Megan Kaplinsky & Tim Finklea