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Ambassador Program

Each State needs a Voice at the National Level in Teacher Education
The NACCTEP Executive Board consists of 12 elected members representing different states. Board members are often well known throughout the state he/she represents and members from that particular state have easy access to the representative when a question, recommendation, or concern arises regarding teacher education and/or NACCTEP.

Based on member comments, NACCTEP has identified the need to develop a broader base of representation across the nation. As a result, the Board approved the implementation of the NACCTEP Ambassador Program.

The role of a NACCTEP Ambassador should not be labor intensive; rather, it should be an opportunity to meet others and develop beneficial professional relationships, including community college teacher education collaborations.

To provide guidance and assistance to all NACCTEP members who may not have immediate access to a Board member. 
Program Objectives

  • To develop leaders on a national level with a significant role coordinating regional representation.
  • To increase communication with selected states in an assigned region.
  • To unite and communicate with selected member states to encourage participation in NACCTEP at the national and local levels.
  • To provide a communication link between Board members and member states.
  • To recruit and retain members in an assigned region.
  • To mentor future Executive Board candidates.
  • To support NACCTEP during the annual national conference.

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