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NACCTEP Models of Success Guide

For the third round of Models of Success, NACCTEP is requesting submissions related to RECRUITING QUALITY PRE-SERVICE TEACHERS.

Research shows that student achievement is more heavily influenced by teacher quality than by a students’ race, class, prior academic record, or school. Research indicates that the achievement gap widens each year between students with the most effective teachers compared to those with the least effective teachers. Teacher quality plays an important role in the education of students in the classroom. It is important for community colleges to recruit highly qualified teacher candidates into their early childhood and teacher education programs.

Community college early childhood and teacher education programs around the country are implementing unique and innovative programs and initiatives that enhance the learning opportunities for their students. Share your experiences, both good and bad; the hurdles faced; syllabi on developing engaging and innovative programs; student and community feedback; how do you use technology; or the data that shows how your program is successful. We invite you to share your Recruiting Quality Pre-Service Model of Success with fellow NACCTEP members. Topics could include how to prepare pre-service teachers to be culturally responsive; meeting the needs of the 21st learner; assessing pre-service teacher dispositions; or strategies for recruiting diverse students. Please see the guidelines below. Select submissions will be posted on the NACCTEP website as a means of dissemination and to encourage dialogue.

We encourage you to review the Early Childhood Education or Service Learning/Field Experience Models of Success for inspiration, ideas, and formatting.


Please include the following in your Models of Success submission. Each submission (not including basic contact information) should be between 750 and 1,000 words. This length, however, is flexible. NACCTEP strongly recommends attaching graphical representation of program data, but it is not required for submission.

  • Institution name and location (city and state)
  • Information for a lead contact: prefix, first and last name, professional job title, department/division, phone number (including area code), and email address
  • Similar information for an additional contact, as appropriate
  • Model of Success title
  • Implementation date(s)
  • Key information/details about theĀ  Model
  • How the Model is innovative and/or unique
  • Indications of success
  • How the Model is replicable
  • Link(s) to associated website(s), presentations, etc.

Email your Model of Success to You are also welcome to contact NACCTEP with any questions you might have.

Thank you for assisting NACCTEP with the endeavor of documenting and sharing the amazing things its members are doing. We look forward to receiving your Model of Success.

* NACCTEP reserves the right to edit submissions for content, space, and consistency.