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NACCTEP Requesting Round Two for Models of Success

For the second round, NACCTEP is requesting Models of Success submissions that focus on SERVICE LEARNING/FIELD EXPERIENCE. Select submissions will be posted on the NACCTEP website as a means of dissemination and to encourage dialogue. The Models of Success Guide is posted on the NACCTEP website and outlines the information needed to complete and submit a Model of Success. We also encourage you to review the Early Childhood Education Models of Success. We look forward to hearing about what you are doing at your college in the area of service learning/field experience.

Greetings from Washington DC

NACCTEP Board is meeting in Washington DC. A core group of Board members met with Congress members on Wednesday to tell them about the role of Community Colleges in teacher education.

I shared information about the Supplemental Instruction program at Jackson Michigan Community College with my fellow Board members. The student's voice is vital and I felt very welcomed when joining this Board.

NACCTEP Models of Success

NACCTEP is excited to offer the opportunity for its members to submit Models of Success. We know you are all doing amazing things at your colleges, and this is a great way to share your thoughts and ideas.

Visit the Models of Success page (under the Resource Portal tab at the top of the page) to learn more.

Currently, NACCTEP is accepting Early Childhood Education Models. What topics do you think we should ask for next?

Web 2.0 Open Source Websites

I would like you to share your favorite Web 2.0 Open Source websites and how you are using them. This would be a great way to share information with each other. My personal favorite would be It is a great presentation website where you can create a "web" presentation. It is much better than PowerPoint.

District Innovates to Deter Effects of Student Mobility

District Innovates to Deter Effects of Student Mobility - One Minnesota district goes to great lengths to keep their mobile students in the neighborhood and in class daily.