Newsletter of the
National Association of Community College Teacher Education Programs

November 2018 News

A Message from the President

Whenever I submit my newsletter articles I try to stick to one of the four categories; the new member welcome, advocacy in the field, teacher preparation and appreciation, and community college benefits. To some, this is not a bad plan and to others you are probably thinking this is a criteria that I have to follow. However, truth is both groups are correct to some degree. I don’t stick to these four categories because I have to, I do it because there is a passion for me within each category while I get the opportunity to align my writings with the heart of NACCTEP’s mission and vision. ..........

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A Message from the Executive Director

Truth be told, I’m not even sure how many of you read through this newsletter. In my mind it’s millions, but it may only be a few of you…I hope it’s at least a few!!!! That said, if you haven’t stopped to read through the newsletter in a while, I hope that you will take the time this week to catch up on the work that’s been taking place within NACCTEP and especially within our educator preparation programs. We are doing some amazing work across the country and we should be proud of ourselves for the difference that we are making in our communities..........

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Oregon Moves Forward with Universal Transfer Agreement in Education

Cecelia Monto, Ed.D.
Dean, Education & Humanities, Chemeketa Community College

University transfer has long been a recognized goal for community college students. However, the actual details of transfer have often been tricky and changeable and many students have faced unnecessary challenges on the path to degree attainment. In Oregon, legislators took notice of the difficulties presented in transfer, and initiated a dedicated “transfer bill”, known as House Bill 2998 in July 2017. The bill mandates the establishment of “Universal Statewide Transfer Agreements (USTAs) between community colleges and universities in all high utility discipline majors. In Oregon, the first four majors chosen were Biology, Business, Education and English. The transfer legislation aligns with the national Guided Pathways movement and embraces a call to better serve first generation and diverse students engaged in higher education. ......

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Alumni Connection: Reconnecting with Community College Graduate & Educator – Jennifer Palmer

Jennifer Palmer &Kindergarten teacher, Alexander Hamilton Elementary

Alyssa attended West Virginia University - Parkersburg where she focused on Elementary Education because she’d heard many good things from previous graduates of the program. She chose to begin at a community college because it allowed for smaller class sizes and the ability to get one-on-one time with her instructors and other staff members when she needed help as well as to complete her degree debt-free. Alyssa feels that she received a better education because her professors knew her by name.

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